Contemporary View for the Mission of the Church in Light of Societal Challenges

Year 2018

Our evangelical churches carry out many activities that serve individuals, societies and countries. These activities include developmental, educational, societal projects. Under the pressure of the influx of refugees and displaced people, many churches got involved in refugee ministries. However, we should pause to ask: what is the real motive behind these activities? Are they part of the church’s mission or they a temporary need that changes with the times? How can we work together to better understand the nature of the church’s mission, and consequently perform these activities more effectively for the glory of God? How can the church overcome political, economic and social challenges without spiraling into corruption? How can we balance preaching the word and doing good deeds without neglecting either one?

These questions, and others like them, will be the subject of our Forum, starting with dinner on April 14 and ending with breakfast on May 17, 2018.

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