Membership application

MENATE welcomes new institutions concerned with evangelical theological education in the Middle East and North Africa region to join its network.

To become a MENATE member, complete the Membership Application form.

Membership requires that you agree with the MENATE Constitution and By-Laws, including the statement of faith in the Constitution appendix.

In an effort to ensure consistency in handling membership applications, and to maintain a robust and healthy network, the following procedures are followed:

  1. Institutions seeking membership in MENATE must submit a Membership Application form and provide all supporting documents to the Executive Director.

  2. The Executive Director will ensure that the application is complete and that supporting documents are in order before submitting the application to the Executive Committee for their review.

  3. The Executive Committee will study each application and contact the list of referees to ensure that the applying institution is in good standings and that it meets the Full Membership or Associate Membership conditions outlined in the MENATE Constitution.

  4. Members of the Executive Committee will receive the application and supporting documents as soon as the package is ready and throughout the year. They will make the necessary contact with referees or require additional information at least one month before the Committee’s scheduled meeting to make a decision.

  5. Upon reviewing the membership application, the Executive Committee may still require additional information or plan a field visit to the school to ensure good institutional health and acceptable academic standards.

  6. The final decision of the Executive Committee will be to either present a recommendation to the General Assembly to accept the school, or reject the application and explain the reasons for that along with offering recommendations to consider before reapplying.

Membership Fees

Full members and Associate members pay an annual fee of $500 per year.
Membership fees are payable in person or via bank transfer.
Fees are not refundable. Members may lose their membership for failing to pay the required annual fee for two consecutive years.