EFAC Writing Standards

The following standards guide writers to produce content that is contextually aware, academically satisfactory, and quintessentially relevant to the Mission of God in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • The work should conform to the MENATE statement of faith, and the Lausanne Covenant, especially the second article (he authority and power of the bible), the fifth article (Christian social responsibility) and the tenth article (evangelism and culture)..

  • The work should conform to EFAC purpose statement.

  • The work should engage and address EFAC identified themes.

  • The work should engage and utilize EFAC’s contextualization lenses.

  • The work should engage and utilize proportional Arabic and international scholarly resources.

  • The work should engage and utilize recent academic and critical scholarship and methodology.

  • The work should primarily target an audience of seminary students, trained pastors, and church leaders.

  • The work’s language should match at least undergraduate university level.

  • The work should be 75,000-100,000 words in length for monographs, and up to 150,000 words for textbooks.

  • The work’s format should adhere to academic standards by having proper citations, bibliography, and glossary.