The EFAC Project

The task of theology is to formulate answers rooted in Scriptures to questions raised both globally and in specific cultural contexts. From that perspective, crucial questions raised in Arab contexts can best be answered by trained Arab theologians and practitioners. For over a century, evangelical theological education in the MENA region has been based primarily on theological materials developed in the West by non-Arabs. Yet, there is an increasing need to develop theology from the Arab context in order to address contemporary and particular issues facing the church in the Middle East and North Africa.

To respond to that need, and in line with its mission to serve the Church in the MENA region by supporting theological institutions on their mission of equipping leaders for ministry, MENATE launched the Effective Faith for Arab Culture (EFAC) project. The project constructed a theoretical framework for the development of contextual theology in the Arabic-speaking world. In addition, it proposes a writing standard and quality assurance mechanism to ensure the output of high- quality content.

In parallel, the EFAC projects works with different writers and publishers to produce evangelical resources–written in Arabic and by Arabic-speaking theologians– rooted in the MENA context for the purpose of empowering the church and engaging the contemporary world.