Online Education

MENATE is committed to see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture. To that end, MENATE is ready to share its library of Arabic Theological e-courses with seminaries, bible colleges and faith communities. Moreover, MENATE is prepared to help interested groups with customizing a learning experience that best serves their needs, and which they can manage.

In particular, MENATE is prepared to offer the following implementation services:

  • Understanding of the educational philosophy driving the curriculum
  • Understanding of the scope of the available courses and how they fit together
  • Decisions on how to integrate the courses into existing curricula
  • Decisions on which courses to adopt and which to adapt
  • Decisions on how to package courses
  • Decisions on mode of study, synchronous vs. asynchronous, individual vs. e-cohorts, etc.

  • Technical
  • Understanding of the Moodle environment, its functionality and features, and its limitation
  • Installation of a school-specific Moodle instance, whether hosted locally or remotely
  • Understanding of how to integrate Moodle within each school’s technical systems

  • Training
  • In how students can use Bounian courses
  • In how teachers/tutors can monitor the progress of students
  • In how teachers/tutors can develop or change activity grading and how to change or add activities
  • In how I.T. staff can maintain and modify the Moodle environment
  • In how courses can be modified

    To learn more about this, and to explore how you can benefit from this, please contact us to arrange a meeting.