ICETE Academy

The ICETE Academy is a global educational partnership providing certified professional training for theological educators. It works on a professional badging and fellowship scheme to recognize and certify continued professional development of individuals involved in theological education. The Academy is formally linked with the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education. The following video describes the basic features of ICETE Academy and how to get started:

The ICETE Academy delivers a growing list of short courses across the following categories: Learning and Teaching, Design and Delivery, Leadership and Management, Accreditation and QA, Character Education, Spiritual Formation, Online Education, Philosophy and Theology of Theological Education, Innovation, and Global Contexts. To learn more about ICETE Academy and available courses, visit:

MENATE believes in continuous improvement and encourages teachers in its network to regularly advance their knowledge and hone their skills in the area of theological education. To that end, MENATE has partnered with ICETE Academy to offer free access to faculty members committed to take a course online. For more information about that, or to receive the organisational code, please contact us.