VET Handbook

The MENATE Visiting Evaluation Team Handbook or VET Handbook is designed for three primary purposes:

(i) To assist MENATE institutions who are preparing to host a Visiting Evaluation Team, and to help them to understand what to expect before, during, and following a MENATE accreditation evaluation visit.

(ii) To help the MENATE Accrediting Commission and Accreditation Officer in appointing Visiting Evaluation Teams and VET Leaders; and in supervising the accreditation evaluation process.

(iii) To guide MENATE Visiting Evaluation Teams in preparing for and conducting a MENATE accreditation visit, evaluating a MENATE institution and its programs for accreditation purposes, and writing and presenting its VET Report.

The VET Handbook and VET procedures revolve around the MENATE Manual for Accreditation and its general accreditation procedures, and MENATE’s educational values and performance standards, which form the basis for its evaluation of institutions and their programs for MENATE accreditation purposes. As such, the VET Handbook must be read in conjunction with the Manual for Accreditation.