Church and Politics

Year 2022

Since the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring, Christians in the Middle East find themselves under increasing pressure to respond to the political changes in their countries. The division between political activity and abstinence from politics has prevailed for decades, but it has left Christians wrestling with many questions, such as: What is the purpose of engaging in politics in light of God's sovereignty? How does our understanding of God's kingdom shape our attitude toward existing authorities? How do biblical and historical theology guide our concept of political action? How can Christians be faithful witnesses and good citizens in an arena of conflict, identity-based politics, and aggressive opportunism. These questions and more will be addressed during our time together.

The Forum begins with lunch on Monday 17 October at 1 pm and ends at 6 pm. Then the forum resumes the next day at 10 am and ends with dinner at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 18 October. Program and registration details will be announced soon.