Activating the role of the youth in MENA Church

Year 2019

At a time when the future of the Middle East looks dark, and more than half the population of the Arab world are below 25 years old, the Church can inspire hope and be a great agent in changing the lives of millions of youth. But first we must ask: what is the youth’s perception of the Church? What observations can we make about youth’s involvement in Church and theological training? How do our theological programs prepare their students to deal with the youth and their needs? What could our theological institutions do to better equip students to deal with contemporary issues that the youth face?  These questions, among many others, will be the subject of our meeting, with a goal of activating the role of the youth in society and church.

Join us so we can learn from one another and discover creative ways for reaching out to the youth. The forum will begin with dinner on April 1 and end on April 3 in the afternoon.